We have developed a system which differentiates SELSA within our sector and which makes this difference to evolve into a quality culture that could be transferred to the forthcoming generations. 

We have started to implement the SELSA Production System in 2010. The SPS is a system in which we have developed our own value oriented ’lean production’ standards in all processes from production to management, and wherein we have implemented the lean means by adapting them to our company culture. Our priority is to extend the error free and quality effects of the SELSA Production System to all our processes in reaching to an operational perfection, to help increase the social wealth through the productivity performance we would achieve and to attain an ’efficacy’ which would encompass all our employees, customers, suppliers as well as the whole society through our unique system.

Within this approach, all correspondence in the SELSA Production System is being constructed on understanding each other and establishing mutual trust.


We know well what disrupts equality in life; effort, passion, faith in dreams, courage...
We also know what protects equality in life; respect, love, conscience, admiration for one’s own characteristics...
We love equality and we believe in diversity of equality.


We want you to know that our employees, customers, suppliers and all other social stakeholders are equal to us in terms of religion, language, race, worldview, ethnicity, gender, disability status, age, etc. We believe that our company and the whole world can get better in proportion to the value given to diversity.