We have developed a system which differentiates SELSA within our sector and which makes this difference to evolve into a quality culture that could be transferred to the forthcoming generations. 

We have started to implement the SELSA Production System in 2010. The SPS is a system in which we have developed our own value oriented ’lean production’ standards in all processes from production to management, and wherein we have implemented the lean means by adapting them to our company culture. Our priority is to extend the error free and quality effects of the SELSA Production System to all our processes in reaching to an operational perfection, to help increase the social wealth through the productivity performance we would achieve and to attain an ’efficacy’ which would encompass all our employees, customers, suppliers as well as the whole society through our unique system.

Within this approach, all correspondence in the SELSA Production System is being constructed on understanding each other and establishing mutual trust.


The health and occupational safety of our employees is as just important to us as our business. For us, the most important thing that makes our work valuable, our machines special and our goals exciting is the health of our employees and the safety of our working conditions. We are actively working on this issue and continuing our practices decisively.


  • Fulfilling legal obligations and requirements of the relevant parties in matters of Environment and Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Ensuring healthy working conditions, eliminating hazards and reducing OHS risks by considering the views of our employees in order to prevent injuries and health deteriorations,
  • Developing the OHS management system culture by establishing transparent and safe communication with employees and ensuring their consultancy and participation,
  • Maintaining Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems that are supported by Top Management and adopted and implemented by all employees, supervised, reviewed, monitored by the public and continuously improved,
  • Reducing our wastes, ensuring recycling, preventing pollution and protecting the environment by effectively using our process inputs and natural resources,
  • Raising awareness of environmental and occupational safety in all our employees and encouraging them to protect the environment,
  • Taking measures before the design stages of processes to prevent possible emergencies, environmental accidents, occupational accidents and health deterioration.


The scope of the Environmental and Occupational Safety: the Environmental and OHS Management System covers the logistics, production, maintenance, quality control, purchasing, R&D activities; safety, health, cleaning, cafeteria and transportation services within the company, and heat treatment and plating processes as the external processes; and the outer neighboring companies within the physical boundaries at the address  NOSAB Erguvan Cadde No:11 and NOSAB 308. Sokak No:5.